Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wow. This Synod is thinking well!

Deep in my heart I remain disappointed about those words in the Covenant motion, "a useful starting point" re Sections 1-3, but I am wowed by the wisdom our GS is showing on other matters. Also impressed by the way Taonga is keeping us up to date with decisions made. (We need to understand that Taonga is not going to waste its or our time by reporting on the decisions not yet made, held over from one day to another and so forth. But I would harbour the hope that we might know more about the motions and bills which have simply gotten lost!)

Two great decisions reported in the last few hours.

Flexibility for trustees regarding insurance of buildings in the post quake phase of our life, including being able to not insure at all. Cool!

Unhurried decision-making re significant change at St John's College. That is, GS has gone for a breather: two further years of the current canon being suspended, asking for Te Kotahitanga to do more work on the significant change being proposed (i.e. merging the current three colleges more tightly into one coherent college). Interesting! Very interesting that GS should agree that a single principal could be appointed for the next two years, on a contract. Not quite sure who would want to take on such a role on such terms but there must be some senior person running up to retirement, or just retired who might take it up. ++Rowan? I bet Magdalene is not all high teas and roses!

In due course I will report (or link to Bosco Peters if he so reports) on the full state of the play re the liturgical motions and bills before the Synod. This might be more of a "curates egg" valuation, i.e. good in parts.


Father Ron Smith said...

Peter, I could give you a reference so that you might be considered to become the next Principal of Saint John's College. It could be a help that you are not an alumnus. Any chance of you applying?

Peter Carrell said...

You are very kind Fr Ron! But I feel called to stick around Christchurch for the time-being ... and I am not sure about taking on a job which only offered a two year contract :)