Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not business as usual

It is not business as usual at the moment.

Not for me. Theology House is in the process of shifting and settling into two new locations. Theology House itself is settling into a new house, at 31 Yaldhurst Road, Christchurch (part of a large area of land owned by the Parish of Upper Riccarton, thus placing us about 100 metres from our Anglican Centre). This week I have been involved in setting up my new office which will be located at Laidlaw College Christchurch. I am planning to work mornings in Theology House and afternoons in Laidlaw College. Tomorrow we shift some 3000 theological books from storage to Laidlaw College where they will be incorporated into the library there (on a medium term loan as a separate collection within their catalogue).

Not for the Diocese on (at least) two counts. As the copied in information below demonstrates, we are busy organising the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury in two weeks time. ++Rowan will spend approximately 24 hours in Christchurch in the middle of the Anglican Consultative Council's forthcoming meeting in Auckland. Also below is the announcement of the composition of the Structural Review Group which will work towards a draft plan to go to our next Synod in April.

"Public Events where the Archbishop of Canterbury will be present
Saturday – Sunday, 3 – 4 November 2012

Saturday evening the Most Reverend Rowan Williams will attend “The Concert” [see (3) below] at the AMI Stadium in Addington, and is expected to address the crowd briefly.

Sunday morning the Archbishop will celebrate the Eucharist at the 9.00am service at Christ’s College. Preferential indoor seating will be given to Cathedral regulars. In addition to seating in the chapel, the public is invited to sit outdoors (BYO chair) at the College, as good amplification of the service is planned.

Sunday afternoon Dr Williams will participate in a 2.00pm Service of the Word at St Christopher’s Church, Avonhead. He is expected to speak on the topic: “What does holiness look like? How do we seek holiness, given it is ultimately a gift?” Tea will be served in the parish halls following the service.

At 3.00pm young people (ages 16–30) will be invited back into St Christopher’s Church to listen to the Archbishop and have a chance for him to answer a few questions. He may stay briefly for refreshments afterwards before returning to Auckland.

2.       Appointments to the Structural Review Group 

As announced at Synod, a group to review the shape of the Diocese is being formed and will begin work shortly.  Regular reports will be forwarded through e-Life.

Thank you to all nominees for their willingness to serve the Diocese in this group, and to those who forwarded suitable nominations.  Thanks to that willingness, Standing Committee members were able to review a pleasing number of suitable nominees, consider the requirements and balance of the group, and have resolved to appoint the following:

Chair               Bishop Victoria (or her deputy)
Members         The Rev’d Lynette Lightfoot
                        The Rev’d Andrew Allan-Johns
                        Mrs Juliet Wensley
                        Mr Philip Mackenzie
                        Mr John-Luke Day

These appointees bring a range of skills and perspectives and we all wish them well.

For your information the Terms of Reference for the group are on the Diocesan website .  The Vision is for members to prayerfully consider, review, and recommend the future shape of the Diocese of Christchurch, giving glory to God and a sure foundation for the future. 

The primary objective and purpose is to provide Synod and the Standing Committee of the Diocese with a draft proposal to re-structure Diocesan Ministry Units, in accordance with the Strategic Plan (Growing Forward), into a new Diocesan map. 

That draft proposal will be considered by Synod on 12-13 April 2013, so there is much work to be done over the next few months. Your prayers and good wishes would be appreciated as they begin this important work.

3.       “The Concert”
Saturday, 3 November 2012, 2.00pm–10.00pm, AMI Stadium, Addington

Thanks to Skinny Mobile, “The Concert” is the biggest music event to hit Canterbury in 2012. Featuring Katchafire, Scribe, PNC, Pieter T, Savage, Dj-Sir-Vere, Che-Fu & the Kratez, Avalanche City, Hollie Smith, Goodshirt, Dane Rumble, J. Williams, K.One, Tyson Tyler & DJ CXL, Illegal Banditz feat. Brooke, Kidz in Space, Annah Mac, House of Mountain, Hera, The Eastern, Dukes, Autozamm, Late Nyte Hype, Massad, with special guest appearances from Titanium, Christchurch Pops Choir, and the Archbishop of Canterbury!

Tickets available from Its free, well, almost  free. If you have done 4 or more hours of any sort of volunteering, whether through an organization or volunteer to work with an elderly person in your community or on a committee, you qualify for a ticket. The volunteering must have taken place in 2012, but may have been at any point.

Throughout the diocese many church groups will have large lists of people who would qualify for tickets given their continual community service. The easiest way for these people to be processed is for the church, or youth group, to simply email us a spreadsheet with their names and emails. We can then upload their information into the website and email them e-tickets. The only condition is that it is an R15 event.  Please send any such lists to "

I won't be going to the Concert. Anything U15s cannot hear might be offensive to my ears!


Father Ron Smith said...

Peter, I'm curious about the official relationship between Laidlaw College and ACANZP. I know that you are a teacher in both contexts, and I have understood that Laidlaw is not part of the Anglican Structure.

Are you, in the light of this, a 'Visiting Lecturer' from the Anglican Tradition? Or, rather, a free-lance Lecturer in Theology at Laidlaw?

I ask these questions because I do wonder at your work-load as Head of Theology House, acting parish priest, and Lecturer at Laidlaw. This must put a considerable strain on work and family. I only hope you are getting some relaxation.

I, Too, will not be at the Concert. I'm having an appointment with a hearing specialist as it is. I would not want to further damage my hearing with Big-Band Sounds.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron,
In a sense it is a 'commercial' relationship: TH is paying to rent the office; Laidlaw pays TH per course I teach. Nevertheless the arrangement which sees me in situ in Laidlaw for half of each day is designed to encourage Anglican students there and to develop relationships with them.

The workload is huge but also invigorating. And once things are settled, I will be less over worked!