Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our man in Rome to attend inauguration of Francis

Archbishop David Moxon will be present with other Anglican leaders at the inauguration of Papa Francis today.

I imagine he will keep going, further north to Canterbury Cathedral for the enthronement of ++Justin Welby as ++Justin Cantuar.

Speaking of both events, we Anglicans could do with some serious prayer for ++Justin. He inherits a C of E and a Communion as divided as ever. (Well, maybe the former was more divided in the 1540s!)

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Father Ron Smith said...

Well, fortunately for us, Peter, we are part of God's Church - The Body of Christ. It does not belong to us, it belongs to Christ. We are merely His servants.

I sincerely believe that these two men, both fully human and acutely vulnerable, have been called to occupy the respective thrones of Peter and Augustine at a time of great and serious opportunity - for evangelisation to the poor, the needy, the oppressed, marginalised and neglected of God's children.

It may be that those of us who feel we have no need of further Godly evangelisation - having all the answers - may have to step back for a while to see how God's Holy Spirit will 'lift up the poor and the neglected - into the place that God has reserved for them. The Poor in Spirit may feel more blessed than those of us who feel we have it made. I echo the challenge of St. Francis of Assisi: "Pax et Bonum!"

I have great hopes for the new era of the Church. Kyrie eleison!