Thursday, April 10, 2014

That's just odd- can anyone explain it?

With H/T to Anglican Curmudgeon we fly this morning to Norway - neutral marriage law since 2008- where the national church has agreed at its latest General Synod to its stance on marriage:

According to this report, the GS votes mean the Norwegian church is:

NOT in favour of same sex couples marrying in a religious ceremony

NOT keen on, in fact rejected "A proposal for a prayer recognizing two equal theological views on same sex marriage and giving the church’s blessing to same sex couples after they married in a civil ceremony".

NOT keen on, in fact shut down also "A plan to introduce a prayer, without acknowledging two equal views"

so, obviously, this church is committed to the status quo that marriage is between one man and one woman ... don't be silly because the General Synod is also

NOT in favour of the status quo that marriage is between one man and one woman.

"It meant there was no clear statement from the Kirkem√łtet on Tuesday on the church’s gay marriage stance."

Explanation's of this curious set of votes welcomed in the comments ... it is beyond your blogger with his very small brain :)


Father Ron Smith said...

Good morning, Peter.

Norway must be out of step with other Northern European Churches on this matter. Still they remain part of the special relationship with other protestant Churches in Europe - including the C. of E. This proves that not everyone has to sing from the same hymn-sheet.

At least they do have women Bishops. Seems like pick'n'mix.

One can imagine your U.S. friend 'Curmudgeon' being quite thrilled to find this little gem - it certainly matches with his disdain for TEC's openness to ALL people -as was Jesus - irrespective of gender or sexual-orientation.

Anonymous said...

possibly --- If we don't take a position on anything then no-one can be upset with us... and therefore we are being "loving" and"christian" to everyone?

It is an argument often run at parish level ... so why not at national level!!

Andrei said...

Its just a bunch of superannuated children of the sixties arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin as their church and civilization dies.

No mystery here - the whole issue is just a nonsense to fill in time.

Meanwhile the Godless Western Empire seeks to expand itself East, a battle it cannot win but could possibly destroy us all.

Father Ron Smith said...

So, Andrei, would your preference be to be overcome by the Islamic East? Is that preferable to your present situation of unease - living in what you are pleased to call the 'Godless West'? Let's try and look on the bright side of life, eh?

John Sandeman said...
reports the Church as refusing to hold gay marriages

John Sandeman