Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Revelation About My Vocation

In a nutshell, the revelation is that I am working for the wrong church, and for peanuts.

The true church, which offers better wages is reported here.

(Hint: Its hierarchy is not meeting in Rome at the moment).


Father Ron Smith said...

These goings on in Nigeria sound not too different from the current situation in Destiny Church, New Zealand, where the chief pastor (self-titled 'bishop') has just ordered a new $100,000 vehicle for an undisclosed purpose in his church.

Mega churches unfortunately seem to have this sort of influence over their more conservative congregations. They call it 'prosperity Gospel' - where the main beneficiaries seem to be their pastors and preachers.

Claudia said...

A T-shirt I wore for a season back last century said "work for the Lord, the pay isn't much but the retirement plan is out of this world."
Which raises the question: if the pay is that much more, what does that tell us about the retirement plan?