Thursday, November 6, 2014

Give Up Your Small Ecumenical Ambitions - a Preface

Last week at St John's College I made a brief presentation on giving up our small ecumenical ambitions for the sake of an ambition to answer Jesus' own prayer that we may be one.

I want to write more about that - sometime - but a way into thinking further about how ecumenical gains could be made in this century is to read a report by Paul Butler (H/T Fr Ron Smith).

Previously noted here, +Paul (Durham) was an Anglican observer at the recent synod in Rome. In this report he ranges from personal experiences of worship, informal hospitality and presence in the synod. His experiences touch some of my own (e.g. the presence of genuine Biblical exposition in the Mass, representing a move away from citation of the Magisterium).

Ecumenism at the very least is the converging of church theology and practice into a mutual conformity to the teaching and example of Christ. Whether or not you or I urge greater moves, or for that matter resist them, the Spirit is at work among us.

PS Incidentally, the kind of ecumenical development noted within +Paul's article is very much 'evolutionism' rather than 'creationism'. Is it a clue as to how God works in all spheres of life?


Father Ron Smith said...

I agree with your final remark here, Peter. 'Evolutionism' is surely the way of the Holy Spirit - as indicated in Jesus' saying that when the Holy Spirit comes "S/He will lead you into all Truth"

In the great scheme of things, maybe the H.S. is still 'leading' the Church into All Truth (not yet revealed, perhaps?)

Dogmatism, of any kind, unfortunately, seems sometimes to shut out God's power for renewal and regeneration.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
The evolutionism I am seeing, in this instance, is an evolution towards the true, pure dogma of the universal church of God.

It would be quite unclear if we started to think that the Holy Spirit was leading us towards as yet unknown revelation. How would we know when we had arrived there?

MichaelA said...

"Dogmatism, of any kind, unfortunately, seems sometimes to shut out God's power for renewal and regeneration."

On the contrary, it releases it!

Those who reject dogmaticism reject God's power for renewal and regeneration.

[See what I did there? Answered one dogmatic statement with another!]

Anonymous said...

It's a dogma eat dogma world out there.

Diogenes ho Kuniakos

Father Ron Smith said...

Congrats Diogenes. If we cannot curry a little humour out of the situation, we are surely lost in controversy.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Praise Jesus Christ, our Redeemer!
Praise Holy Spirit, giver of Truth!