Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crazy bad world/church?

Surveying the blogs my eye spotted a story about a bishop returning from ACNA to TEC! I think I could write some of the comments I expect to see about this one :)

But that led me to check out Titus One Nine which is running this sequence of stories as I write. (The headings are my own ... tongue might be in cheek). Not all items on T19's sequence are included here.

Bishop cross with bishop

GAFCON is 86% of the Communion

Mohammed is next in a sequence of prophets after Jesus, as prayed in which church?

God is now a Chinese geneticist

Supreme test of definition of marriage (I notice in other links that some judges think they don't have the right to change the definition of marriage. Whudathunkit?)

Welby weaponises prayer

Who would be a Christian baker these days?

Blogger not impressed by another blogger


MichaelA said...

What's the issue, Peter? Bishop Bane is entitled to return to the Episcopal Church if he wishes. Nothing is required from ACNA's side - they don't depose people for joining TEC. And he has never held any active position in ACNA that I have heard of, so presumably there is nothing else to do.

The reference below in the article to Clarence Pope is interesting. In the 1990s, he left TEC for the Roman Catholic Church. Then he returned to TEC, then he went back to the RCC. As one wag put it:

"Bishop Pope has poped, de-poped, and re-poped again"!

Jean said...

Ha, ha Peter well for the time being I am just glad to be living downunder... : ) ...

Michael A there does seem such a mixed bag in England. Women, and divorcee's have only been permitted to be Bishop's for such a short time, and yet the church there (it appears) have many same sex attracted clergy in high position while at the same time trying to debate the issue. No wonder it all gets confusing. It's like going on a highway and deciding which way you are driving without knowing where you are going.

I did listening to the 'dangerous to pray' you tube clip, interestingly it starts "I was going to title this sermon "Why not to Pray" but in dry British humour the ABC noted such a title may possibly be misquoted and taken out of context.


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
I am editing your comment below so it fits with standards here, which includes respectful ways of speaking about bishops, even those we disagree with.

YOUR COMMENT (edited):

"In their communique released at the close of their London meeting on 18 April 2015 the GAFCON primates gave Bishop Ellison their full backing, denouncing the “unjust and uncharitable charges brought against him by the Bishop of Salisbury.”

This just shows how [...] the Gafcon Primates really are. Blaming TEC and the A.C.of C. for transgressing ACC moratoria, while blatantly continuing to do so themselves.

Peter Carrell said...

I observe Ron that the charges brought against +Ellison have not been proven.