Saturday, May 2, 2015

Next PB easier to pick than next Democrat nominee

It is not unknown for ADU to take an interest in things TEC. One of those things is the Presiding Bishop and an election is coming up.

Thanks to Stand Firm I see the formal announced list of candidates is here.
The ENS article about them all and the process is here.

I am picking +Ian Douglas. (That's hardly sticking my predictive neck out ... others are thinking that too).

I reckon he is more certain to win than Hilary is to become the Democrat nominee for next President of the USA. It's not like he has deleted emails, been foggy about Benghazi, forgetful about whether bullets were flying when landing in the Balkans or neglectful accounting for donations from a purchaser of US uranium interests!

Nevertheless you might like to dip into The Living Church's take on the distinctives of each candidate.

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Father Ron Smith said...

From the official profile for the next Presiding Bishop of TEC, my choice would show this preference:



Then, s/he would need to resonate with the forward movement of TEC on gender and sexuality issues - in furtherance of the outstanding example given by TEC towards the acceptance of ALL believers in Jesus Christ as Saviour & Redeemer.

But then, it's not up to me.

I wonder which of the 4 candidates will best fit that prescription?