Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is the Day which the Lord has Made

So far so good for unity between Australian and New Zealand Christians. We agree that the Lord has made this day, 31 October (northern hemisphere time). It may have been hijacked in times past by pumpkin loving trick or treaters but today is a new day, the day when years of emotional anticipation and depth planning are put to the test. And I am not looking at you, the Head Usher at Twickenham, when I talk about years of planning for this day. St Steve and St Richie, with St Dan and St Ma'a and all the saints in the squad, may our prayers tomorrow on All Saints Day be prayers of thanksgiving and not tears of grief.

LATER: Prayers of Thanksgiving it is! A great game, played well by both sides, with many minutes of it absolutely suitable video material for "How to Play Rugby Perfectly."


Father Ron Smith said...

T%omorrow, we will all find out who the ALL SAINTS team is backing.

Anonymous said...

Bowman Walton

Andrew Reid said...

It may be a Prayer of Thanksgiving for one side of the Tasman, unfortunately it's weeping and gnashing of teeth, with a dose of sackcloth and ashes, on the other side. Still, well done to the All Blacks, who were clearly the better side and deserved to win. Well done to the Wallabies, who 12 months ago were little better than a rabble. They are now a professional rugby team who are deservedly the 2nd best team in the world. Will take some further improvements (line out, handling, tackling outside our 22m) to match the All Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Two questions about professional rugby from up yonder.

(1) Is it dangerous? The National Football League here in the US has been dithering about the brain damage caused by repeated concussions. I wonder whether professional rugby is safer than professional American football.

(2) Why Twickenham? Fine stadium. Familiar to Americans who watch the yearly NFL exhibition game in London. But it is much farther from New Zealand and Australia, which are after all adjacent. Why didn't they just flip a coin or choose a less distant stadium in some third country?

Bowman Walton

Bryden Black said...

One of the very best finals ever, frankly. And didn't you enjoy Coach Jesus applauding BOTH sides?! No shame to the Wallabies - as Andrew too states. It's just that the ABs are currently supreme with probably the best team ever.

Twickenham? Home of English rugby when it was UK's turn to host. Next time it's Japan of all places!

Andrew Reid said...


With respect to concussion, this has certainly been an issue in the past. The system introduced a couple of years ago is that if a player gets a head knock they have to leave the field immediately, be assessed by an independent doctor and if there is any sign of concussion they are not allowed to return to the field. There are also strict rules about the length of time required for recovery before a concussed player can start playing again.