Monday, December 14, 2015

Theological Meat on the Bones

There is always theological meat on the bones of Themelios, one of the best value for money theological journals, i.e. it is free. The general site is here and the download address for the latest edition is here. Don Carson has a thoughtful and detailed editorial on disputable matters, and disputable matters feature in subsequent articles and in the wide ranging review section.

I dispute some of what I read in this edition. Offering the link is not an endorsement of all arguments therein! Michael Bird, as it happens, just this morning, writing about the death of one of the NT greats of  the last century, I. Howard Marshall (1934-2015), mentions a couple of difficulties for some of us re Themelios:
"I remember the committee of the Tyndale Fellowship rejoicing that TGC was taking over the journal Themelios (which otherwise would have simply folded), but Howard wryly lamented that it was such a pity that he could not write for the journal any more, since authors had to be both Calvinists and Complementarians, of which he was neither."
Neither am I!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Peter, there is meat on the bones, but it is often rather dry turkey. To be a succulent pheasant, Themelios would have to be less Zondervan, and more Eerdmans, less concerned with enforcing calvinistic boundaries, and more open to other no less faithful currents among evangelical Christians, and indeed attentive to the interactions among them.