Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Faithful Few At the Edge of the Communion

We tend to hear about "Iran" in the context of some kind of conflict (fighting proxy wars in the Middle East currently) or potential conflict (developing nuclear weapons, No, wait, we have a deal not to do that), much to do with Islam, and much driven by religious leaders in Iran.

But there is a tiny Anglican church in Iran which you can read about here.

I wonder if there is a more isolated Anglican diocese anywhere else in the Communion?


Ivica said...

Isolated in our reactions too. Sad, indeed!
It seems that, Peter, posts without sex raise not too much interest.

In my church, we pray in this Lent for the deacons in Iran, with special thanks to the Anglican Missions for bringing this part of the Anglican Communion to our attention!

Peter Carrell said...

Indeed, Ivica!
If I ever want a really popular post I just need the combo of a "bishop", "sex", and something "immoral" about the bishop's behaviour or "unorthodox" about her or his teaching and ... bingo, many readers and loadsa comments :)

Anonymous said...

Peter and Ivica, when I was in Turkey several years ago, I wanted to visit the Anglicans in Iran, but was advised that they could not accept responsibility for the safety of visitors, and that it was unimaginable that an American would get a visa to travel there. And indeed, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance smiled a crooked smile-- yes, to the visa; no, to that itinerary. Still, I wonder how they have adapted the missionary spirituality with which they began.

Bowman Walton

Postscript-- By the way, have you heard the rumour that the bishop ostensibly being disciplined for her authorisation of SSM in western Cockaigne was in fact caught staying overnight with her primate at the Trump casino there? The province is mortified with embarrassment.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Bowman
I have also heard that both the FBI, Interpol and the Revenue departments of three countries are investigating that rumour, not least because they cannot work out what truth or falsity if might have, given that it has been traced to a simultaneous set of "off the record" conversations with the press departments of Rubio, Cruz and Clinton.

Pageantmaster said...

God bless, protect and encourage them in Jesus’ name.
[with reference to the topic]

Father Ron Smith said...

So, Peter, nothing about Anglicans in Iran, but plenty of salacious gossip about other people? Congratulations!

Peter Carrell said...

Yes, Ron, back to the topic at hand.
Here is a different set of thoughts:
- I wonder what it is like to be a Christian in Iran contemplating whether the next President of the USA will be Trump or Clinton, because that next president will no doubt talk to the Iranians from time to time, and in that talk one presidential candidate rather than another might be more intentional about pressing for (greater) freedom of religion than another.

Andrew Reid said...

I understand Bishop Azad is based in Lahore and makes visits to the parishes in Iran on a regular basis. I'm not sure I can think of another Anglican bishop who has to live outside their diocese and make visits to churches within it. Perhaps Bishop Suheil from Jerusalem is the closest, given he lives in the West Bank and finds it very difficult to get visas to visit churches in Israel.

Unknown said...

The diocese of Iran is mentioned on our prayer requests today. I read on your challenges. May our living God be real to you and so supply your every need as you face your challenges

Betty from Barbados, West Indies