Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fascinating Facebook Posts re No Motion/movement (?) on Motion 4 (about Motion 30)

Thanks to Brian Dawson (Wellington) a couple of snippets of #gsthw16 re Motion 4 on A Way Forward. Is the second post below indicative of a final 2016 decision????

Post One

Post Two

At 10.10 am as I post there is no "official" news on Taonga.


10.30 am ... following #gsthw16 on Twitter, it seems that the motion will be tabled for more work, reportback in 2018 ... sadly, already seeing "unity at expense of justice" and "shame" comment ... I do not think such comments do justice (!!) to being Anglican which involves serious commitment to catholicity, apostolicity and unity.


Rosemary Behan said...

Obdurate .. that is the accusation from Brian Dawson. Strange, I see his reflection as just as obdurate. Sigh .. no wonder there is no meeting of minds. It's not just one side that has already made up their minds.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Rosemary
Right now it is very hard to see the way forward between the minds which are not meeting.