Thursday, September 8, 2016

People are still converted today!

A friend alerted me to this audio interview of Tim Wilson - lively reporter on week nights TV One programme "Seven Sharp" at 7 pm. The part of the interview where Jesse Mulligan asks him about being a Christian is about 20 minutes in.


Brendan McNeill said...

Thanks Peter

A great story - 47 years old and God meets him at his point of need. I love that.

People are still being converted even in the Anglican Church today. About a month ago a young man who had just started playing in the band at church shared how he had come to faith in Christ in recent weeks. He was inspired to 'give Church a try' by the Godly example of a young Christian woman he met at University, and ultimately how he was led to Christ during a conversation with our Vicar.

As an aside, I read recently that Francis of Assisi traveled on a missionary journey to Egypt in order to share the gospel with the Muslim Sultan in 1219 around the time of the Crusades. You will have to do the research to discover how that worked out. :-)

We still have a good deal to recapture about evangelism and the passion for the souls of men as exampled by St Francis and others like him, including the young lady at Canterbury Uni.

Andrei said...

The Church will survive - we are promised this

People come to the Church - it is great. I know some stories myself

In dire circumstance the Church persists - there is even a catacomb Church in Saudi Arabia where possession of the Bible is forbidden and the Liturgy is still celebrated in some ruined Churches in Iraq, Syria, Kosovo and the Donbass and doubtless elsewhere

The attacks on the Church in New Zealand come not from artillery shells and suicide bombers but from indifference and rabid secularization and perhaps these attacks are more effective