Friday, October 21, 2016

Mike Hawke, Dean of Nelson

Possibly the best known (i.e. most widely known) priest in our church today is Mike Hawke, former Vicar of St Christopher's Avonhead (one of our largest parishes) and currently Church Support/Projects Officer for the Anglican Missions Board of our church. In this current role he has visited most of our parishes as well as many spheres of our overseas mission, especially in the Pacific region.

 Mike is on the move. He will be the next Dean of Nelson Cathedral, his first Sunday is 11 December 2016.

As a former member of that Diocese I am very pleased (as I know many people are) that Mike will have this role.

Life will have come full circle for Mike and his new Bishop, Richard Ellena: they were once curates together in Timaru!


Peter Carrell said...

Dear Ron
I am very happy to post the first part of your comment but the second part involves questions you should be asking of Dean-elect Hawke privately, not via a blog comment!

"Congratulations to Mike Hawke on his new appointment. It should suit him and the Nelson diocese well. I'm sure he and Bishop Ellena will see eye to eye on most things. [] "

Jean said...

Good to hear the news! Mike was my childhood Minister and still seems to have the same energy levels. I wish him well.....