Thursday, November 3, 2016


So, TH is in ordered chaos. Staff are connected to the internet and sit at desks, but our library shelves, due today will come tomorrow. Next week we might get some books reshelved. Etc.

Meantime my week has included a lovely two day retreat at the Eco Lodge at Peel Forest. More on that soon as it was a transformative experience ...


Anonymous said...

"So, TH is in ordered chaos."

Welcome to my world!

All this packing and moving has raised an important question for me. Is there a reason we have not yet invented a race of robot slaves? :)

Peter Carrell said...

Watching episodes of "Humans" (recently a new series started on TV One, suggests that certain kinds of robots introduce their own ordered chaos!

Father Ron said...

Hope the move is going well with you, Peter.

At Mass this morning at SMAA, we remembered the life and work of Richard Hooker, whose entry in ACANZP's martyrology "for All The Saints" reminded us of hooker's amazing take on how Anglicanism differed from whatever had gone before in both Romanism and other forms of Protestantism. Quoting from this book this morning, I was heartened to find these words:

"So Hooker was able to show that the Church of England is justified in maintaining its continuity with the medieval Church, but is also reformed, and is not bound to look solely to Scripture for sanctions for its belief and practices.

"The Church of England, therefore, was able to find in Hooker's writings a positive justification for the form it had taken, AGAINST THE PURITAN ACCUSATIONS THAT ITS FORM AND PRACTICES WERE NOT ROOTED IN SCRIPTURE ALONE. The fifth book of Hooker's treatise is an extended defense of the Book of Common Prayer against Puritan accusations of its continuation of medieval corruptions and errors".

What Hooker stressed was that the gift of human reason - together with the observation of the natural world - were needed for an ongoing assessment of the implications of Scripture. Quite a heady mix of Tradition and reason!

I felt quite at home with today's Saint.

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Ron
Yes, move is going well, thanks.
Ah, Hooker, the greatest evangelical Anglican of them all!