Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Full of Grace - The Sacred Truth about Christmas

As you are no doubt experiencing yourself, the path to a "happy" Christmas lies in securing the right presents for the right people in your life and that likely involves entering some shops which normally you would not enter.

Thus I found myself in a shop full of interest, theologically speaking, the other day. Full of interest because of the names given some products in that shop, as conveniently illustrated by these photos (Motto: Always carry your smartphone wherever you go):

So there it is folks, some 2000 years after the birth of Jesus Christ who came, according to John 1:17, "full of grace and truth," we have the faint residue of that revelation in a post-Christian consumerist society!


Father Ron said...

Whatever secularism does to blind us to the reality of Christmas Joy; it can never obscure the fact that "God was never so great as when God became so small" - Deo Gratias.

Mary Clara said...

There is a hair salon near my home in Baltimore called "God's Total Woman." I wonder whether they know about these products! ; )

May the joys of Christmas be with you and yours.

BrianR said...

"God was never so great as when God became so small"

- a strange theology there that the Church Fathers would not have recognised. God has always been and always will be, in Alvin Plantinga's striking phrase (one now use in British A level Philosophy textbooks), "maximally great".

God's excellence cannot be increased or diminished.