Sunday, May 28, 2017

More, a cathedral way forward? UPDATED

Cathedral pros, cons and inbetweens continue unabated. Here are some links:

- a Q and A in the Press which may help catch some up with the issues and questions in the matter

- a TV One News item (though it mixes recent written text with a much older interview with Gerry Brownlie)

- a sympathetic response to the church's dilemma, prompted by an execrable Martin Van Beynen column in yesterday's Press (and other Fairfax papers), written by Michael Reddell at Croaking Cassandra

UPDATE: Winston Peter's gets that old time religion!

MONDAY UPDATE: Bishop Victoria herself being interviewed by John Campbell on Checkpoint.


Michael Reddell said...

And now Winston Peters has weighed in as well

Peter Carrell said...

And what a comment! Stone masons are sharpening their tools even as I type this :)

Michael Reddell said...

You (Synod) look like you are going to be pushed into an impossible corner, probably not helped by (a) having synod two weeks before what looks like a v close election, and (b) a Minister for Christchurch defending a pretty marginal seat. An electoral auction looms, to your disadvantage (and that of the NZ taxpayer).

Peter Carrell said...

Impossible? Sounds like we need a miracle!
Yes, it will be interesting, not least if WP holds balance of power.
Not sure about the disadvantage to the NZ taxpayer though: funds from govt and (say) council would be spent on a reinstated building which enhances the rebuild of Christchurch, tourism in Canterbury etc. The money in time would be "returned" to govt and council.
Nevertheless a cheaper option in the short term would be that we build a new cathedral with no govt or council money, it is a tourist attraction (as, currently, the Transitional Cathedral is) and provided by the church (like the Church of the Good Shepherd!).

BrianR said...

You need a miracle? Talk to Putin and see what he can do!

Father Ron said...

The real problem is that the news outlets have cosistently given their opinion that the Bishop and the Church are to blame fror the delay. However, the Church and diocese are aware of the impossibility to proceed as planned by our synod, which was to build a contemporary cathedral fit for purpose and within in means - without relying on the government or the local council. Until the reality is made plain to everyone - including the opposing GCBT who are still threatening legislation against a new building - this injust situation will continue.