Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What a Beautiful Name - Down Under Song Wins Grammy

Brooke Ligertwood (nee Fraser) has written some great songs over the years. One of her latest, co-written with Ben Fielding, is What a Beautiful Name. Together they have won a Grammy. They belong to Hillsong Los Angeles.

Here it is:


Jean said...

Awesome thanks for the update, last song of hers I knew well was ‘My Chains Are Gone’ (amazing grace) - been a bit out of touch with the music scene. She has confused many a Kiwi who being enamoured by her ‘regular’ music are quite startled to find she sings ‘gospel’ too!

Father Ron Smith said...

Indeed. What a wonderful name it is - Jesus - the only Name under heaven by which ALL have been redeemed. Alleluia! A worthy recipient of this award!

Goosebumps when I first heard this song!