Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Lambeth Conference 2020 - Archbishop Justin sets the scene

Watch the video here.

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Father Ron Smith said...

Dear Peter, it was interesting to watch and to hear the presentation of the ABC pointing toward the next Lambeth Conference in 2020. One notes his reference to the need for the Conference to give evidence of learning to disagree while yet loving one another. It is only to be hoped that the opportunity for that 'loving disagreement is not already behind us as a Communion of Churches - GAFCON's Primates having already expressed their unwillingness to attend Lambeth 2020.

However, the current meeting of Regional Anglican Primates being hosted by Archbishop Fred Hilt of the Anglican Church of Canada does give promise of participation in a meeting at Lambeth 2020 that will help the rest of the Provincial Churches who actually attend to better understand each other in today's context of what constitutes a koinonia fellowship of Anglicans who want to work together for the good of the world in which we are placed. I thank God for that.


[Toronto, Ont., 26 November, 2018] Primates from the Americas and the Caribbean region of the Anglican Communion are gathering in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from November 27-29 in advance of the Lambeth 2020 Conference. This is the third of several regional meetings to be held across the Anglian Communion."

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