Sunday, May 19, 2024

It's that time again!

Yes, General Snod/Te Hinota Whanui is meeting again - we began this afternoon - Sunday - as I write, with powhiri, hakari and eucharist at Omahu Marae (near Hastings). The Synod sessions are being held in Hastings.

Taonga can be kept in touch with through this week as it reports on the deliberations of the Synod.

A preliminary report and timetable of some key events is reported here.

Incidentally, while on the Taonga site, a report is here of the farewell for my colleague, Bishop Steven Benford from the Diocese of Dunedin.

I also see a link there to a story of Christians being killed in Gaza.

Back to the Synod: as usual we have had a meeting of the Tikanga Pakeha Conference beforehand - in lovely Havelock North. Always good to meet with old synodical friends and to make new ones.

Or, noting developments in the Roman world, should we talk about synodality friends?

Short post this week but there is a lot going on.


Anonymous said...

Peter, I hope you had a good and constructive synod and I'm sure your thoughts and prayers were about the needs of the nation. My own feelings at the moment include a sense of shock and dismay over the stabbing of the 16 year old lad in Dunedin and the arrest of a 13 year old. A long time ago, I was myself a student at St Paul's High School (later Kavanagh, now Trinity Catholic College) and would catch the bus home from the Octagon. My life certainly wasn't trouble-free but fear of violence wasn't really part of our lives. It is horrific to learn that disruption at the bus hub in Gt King St was a regular event for some months, and worse to think that these things were happening just opposite the main police station. Let's keep the bereaved and these young people in our prayers - and ensure the authorities do the job they are paid to do.

Pax et bonum
William Greenhalgh

Peter Carrell said...

Dear William,
It is a shock and a tragedy for all families and schools most directly and painfully concerned.
Like you I was schooled in Dunedin (primary, not secondary) and never felt unsafe travelling to and from home.