Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A five minute standing ovation was too short for this

If you read this blog and have five minutes spare PLEASE PLEASE read this address to the Lambeth Conference by Chief Rabbi of Great Britain Jonathan Sacks.

Ruth Gledhill says it led to a five minute standing ovation. I think if I had been there there would have been tears streaming down my face for those five minutes!

Below I post excerpts from a superb address by ++Rowan. If I say the Sacks address is better it is in the sense that one might venture to suggest that Shakespeares sonnets are better literature than his plays!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Peter - an excellent address by Sacks, who possesses a fine mind and articulates a positive (not reactive) conservative vision of the place of faith, family and tradition informing modern life, something that has become so 'homeless' and hollowed out in its secularity. Of course, understandably in such a setting he didn't go on to discuss the covenant with David. Anglicanism has usually been judeophile, but no doubt it was good for these bishops to hear what Jews have suffered historically in Christendom, east and west. Perhaps that may temper some western Anglican views toward Israel? African Christians - including those at Gafcon - have historically been more positive toward Israel, for a variety of reasons.