Saturday, July 26, 2008

Something more important than Lambeth

Yes. It is true there is something more important than Lambeth. Yes. I know I should say, 'Making poverty history' or 'Electing Barack Obama as next President of the United States of America' is more important than Lambeth. But tonight (NZ time) in less than 45 minutes I am off, leaving wife and children forlorn, to be with my friends, one of whom is dying. Yes. I know I should say I am going to 'be there' for Brian, in his hour of need. But that would not be true ... well, only partially true. It will be good to watch with Brian, a true and loyal Kiwi, determined in his weakness and discomfort to support the World's Greatest Cause (at least tonight)! But the fact is he has a SKY receiver and I do not!!!!!!!

New Zealand versus Australia: The All Blacks versus the Wallabies. That's what's important tonight. A rugby test with more build up and hype than a Hollywood blockbuster. And unlike the blockbusters, when the stars do their feinting and diving, and rucking and mauling, there will be no stunt guys filling in. Its the real thing. Raw violence. Sublime skill. Gripping emotion.

At least one of thirty players is an Anglican. But will the bishops - apart from our lot, of course - pause to pray for him and his team? (Happens to be the All Blacks!) No. Their minds will be on higher things, as they understand them. But one lives in hope that even bishops will enlarge their vision, and discern the Really Important Things in Life.

Update: we lost; the Anglican went to the sin-bin; the referee missed a crucial penalty try; and our players stuffed up more than playing sublimely (especially sublime was Super-glider, Dan Carter); if God was not with us, neither were the gods of luck and success!!

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