Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Games We Play

Over in Jamaica there has been a little contretemps over the refusal to seat one of the Ugandan delegates. Turns out the clerical delegate, one Philip Ashey with a postal address in Kampala, is Philip Ashey citizen and resident of the USA, licensed clergyman of the Ugandan Anglican Church, ministering in a Ugandan-aligned parish in the States and, somewhat egregious 'sin' for the context, chief operating officer of the American Anglican Council. You can read the greater detail in The Lead from Episcopal Cafe. Work out for yourselves who is playing games. Funnily enough, it does not seem to be Kenneth Kearon, much maligned by conservatives, since his communication with Philip Ashey was a welcoming assurance that his presence was being looked forward to!

Oh, well, it reminds me of the time when a handy NZer not selected by this church here filled in at ACC for a missing ACANZP delegate, and whose vote on a matter may have been crucial. I hope nothing important gets lost at ACC for want of the Ugandan vote!

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