Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hui Post 1: The Word of God written

This afternoon I have the privilege of delivering a paper under the general heading of Jesus and the Word. It's aim is to begin the series of presentations and workgroup discussions by reflecting on our Lord Jesus and his own approach to Scripture.

Here is a tiny taster of the paper (which is about 10 pages in length):

"Our particular task at this hui is to read Scripture together to discover common understanding of the church according to Scripture. In doing so we build on our first hui in 2007 in which we engaged with some basic steps in the hermeneutical task: learning, for example, to read the text with the worlds in view which lie behind the text, within the text, and in front of the text.

Today, under the heading of Jesus and the Word: an evangelical perspective on Christ, Scripture and the church I want to speak to these four sub-headings:

Jesus Christ at the centre of Scripture
Jesus Christ the hinge on which the meaning of Scripture turns
Jesus Christ and continuity of scripture in Scripture
The Christ of Scripture and the body of Christ

I will then conclude with a reflection on the role of theology and Scripture in the life of the church. My overall argument is this: theological reflection on Jesus, Scripture and the church supports the wisdom of the English Reformers that Scripture is the Word of God written. This conclusion, if accepted, decisively shapes any Anglican church project to understand Scripture and undergirds the claim that Scripture has authority over our church."

Two people will be responding to the paper before workgroups get to discuss the matters raised. I have seen one of the responses. Already it is shaping up to be a lively hui (for our overseas readers, a hui is a gathering or conference).

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