Saturday, July 18, 2009

No clearer about lack of clarity than this

The Presiding Bishop of TEC and the President of the House of Deputies have written to the ABC offering an explanation of the context of D025 and providing a response about its actual meaning in the face of so many interpretations around the globe. Read the letter here.

Intriguingly the letter includes this paragraph:

"Some are concerned that the adoption of Resolution D025 has effectively repealed Resolution B033. That is not the case. This General Convention has not repealed Resolution B033. It remains to be seen how Resolution B033 will be understood and interpreted in light of Resolution D025."

Now if one does not repeal a law or resolution or guideline but acknowledges that because of another law or resolution or guideline it is not now clear how the first will be interpreted in the light of the second, it is quite unclear what the effect of the first will be from now on, and it is quite possible that the effect of the second will nullify the first.

In other words, that there is a lack of clarity about the effect of D025 can be no clearer than this: the two most powerful leaders of TEC have said, We do not know how this will pan out!

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