Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watching developments at Anaheim

I have been travelling quite a bit in the last few days and so my vaunted attempt to keep closely in touch with developments at Anaheim has been something of a failure. But not to worry as plenty of sites are keeping up.

I note however this post by Mark Harris of Preludium which gives the draft text of a motion which politely, respectfully, and carefully acknowledges differences in the Anglican Communion over polity and policy in respect of homosexuality, ministry and liturgy while signalling with utter clarity that none of those differences, indeed nothing will hold TEC back from ordaining Gene Robinson Mk2!

Kiwi readers may be especially interested in Mark's post to note that the most encouraging voice re the likely Communion response is ... no prizes for guessing ... Jenny Te Paa's:

"The fear of being cast out of the Anglican Communion has been challenged by several visitors who came to the House of Deputies today, most importantly among them being Dean Jenney Te Paa, principal of Te Rau Kahikatea, College of St. John the Evangelist, Auckland, New Zealand.. Both believed we ought to have courage in our convictions and assured us that we have friends in the Global South and in the Anglican Communion."

Naturally ADU was not consulted on this point :)

PS Quite a good send up by Sarah Hey ...

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