Saturday, September 26, 2009

A sentence about the Synod of the Diocese of Nelson

Tired but happy after a lovely time at Synod in Greymouth which began with an unexpected cold snap which meant snow on the Hope Saddle as we drove over it, continued with bizarre natural events - a wind so strong that it blew the specs off a member's face, never to be seen again, and an overnight settling of red dust on vehicles and houses, blown all the way from South Australia - but ended in brilliant sunshine today, which was generally in keeping with a brilliant Synod in which we were privileged to hear superb Bible teaching from Tim Harris (Dean, Bishopdale Theological College), engage in great matters of the Anglican state (we approved the Ridley Cambridge Covenant draft, expressed a desire to be in communion with ACNA, and a concern about TEC's GC resolutions (actually we used the language of 'deep regret')), adopt a new Strategic Plan for the Diocese, and imbibe deeply of the spirit of West Coast hospitality while perfecting the art of the long sentence which means sneaking a bit more mileage out of the allotted time for speeches at Synod.

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Anonymous said...

The Dean's Bible Studies were the highlight of Synod.
Barry Smithson