Thursday, September 24, 2009

You can be sure of a warm welcome on the Coast

I think I have mentioned the West Coast (of the South Island) on this blog before. It is worth mentioning again! For it is there that I head for a day or two of synodical business ... and possibly restricted internet access and moderating-comments-activity. Whatever the business of Synod - we might support the Covenant, encourage, ACNA, critique TEC, extend our sabbatical study provisions, recommend a change to our annual leave, approve our budget for 2010, and, with more certainty I predict this, resoundingly approve our Bishop's proposed strategic plan for the next five years - there will be food, laughter, the smell of coal fires in the air, a spot of rain, some brilliant sunshine, and the breeze of the Holy Spirit.

And I will take a coat to keep the natural wind out, the famous Grey River Barber, which cuts sharper than any stroppy razor when it blows! Apart from that possibility we can be sure of a warm welcome on the Coast for our annual Synod.

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