Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cranmer to Cardy: Hold the Tripe

Cranmer's global perspective as a wise old Archbishop is brought to bear on the burlesque of the billboard:

"Well, they’ve hit fool's gold with this tripe. It is so far ‘outside the box’ that they have lost sight of the divine mission cuboid."

Knowing something about being under fire himself, Cranmer is just warming to his theme. He neatly skewers the inclusiveness of St. Matthew's (recall that I myself am a 'communion for the baptized' man):

"The advertisement has been condemned as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘disrespectful’. But St Matthew-in-the-City is ‘an inclusive church’, which means, they say ‘that all are welcome to attend, and that all are welcome to receive communion no matter what church or faith (if any) they are from.’

Excellent. A church which gives the body and blood of Christ to the unrepentant degenerate and the idolatrous unregenerate. This is part of their ‘progressive Christianity’, which explains the provenance of the advertisement."

Like a number of other commenters, Cranmer notices something I have noticed,

"Who, pray, believes that God ‘sent down sperm’?"

Indeed! But the climax is still coming in Cranmer's post,

"Archdeacon Glynn Cardy and St Matthew-in-the-City have got their much-longed-for debate. But it is not about the miracle of the Christ-child and the wonder that God became man: it is not edifying and does not in any sense bring glory to God. It is a tawdry, crude and gratuitously offensive ejaculation which resonates with a sex-obsessed age and lacks only used condoms strewn over the duvet in a Tracey Emin fashion.

And Cranmer can hardly wait for a billboard showing Mohammed in bed with the nine-year-old Aisha..."

You will be waiting a long time Archbishop. Of one thing you can be sure about progressive Christianity: it cheerfully offends Christians, never non-Christians, and least of all Muslims.

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Glynn Cardy said...

Actually we received a number of complaints from Muslims around the world concerned about our depiction of Mary.