Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free bus ad campaign for Christianity in NZ

Thanks to some remarkably generous atheists, Christianity (and other faiths) are getting a free ad campaign in NZ. The initial target of $10000 has been easily met and a new target of $20000 set. The slogan will be that used in Britain recently:

"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Sadly the campaign will not be running in our most Presbyterian city (Dunedin) and will only occur on four buses in our most Anglican city (Christchurch). Clearly those Wellingtonians and Aucklanders need a boost in their interest in God! Christians seem very happy to see this campaign take off. Thanks atheists!

Let's pray that atheists stop worrying about the possibility that God exists and enjoy their lives.


Janice said...

Can't agree with your prayer invitation.

Anyway, it's a stupid campaign. God probably doesn't exist? Exactly what is the probability that God doesn't exist? I've seen Dawkins messing about unwillingly, and quite uncomfortably, with trying to put a number on that.

And the question invites another question; what if God does exist?

Anonymous said...

An 'atheist bus' campaign in the city of ............ - oh, the irony!
If they really want to abolish God, having pulled down the churches, they will have to pull down the stars.
Much easier just to rename the garden city as "Dawkinsclub".
Well, worked for Leningrad, didn't it?

rob mckay said...

I am encouraged that Richard Dawkins for all his pro-atheism still has a positive word to say about The Anglican Church (see chapter one of The God Delusion).