Thursday, July 1, 2010

Atheists say three million Kiwis need to hear the Gospel

A new atheist billboard campaign in NZ will feature these slogans:

"The three slogans appearing on billboards were: "In the beginning, man created God", "Good without God? Over one million Kiwis are" and "We are all atheists about most gods. Some of us just go one God further".
The ads also featured the phrase "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life", borrowed from the British Atheist Bus Campaign which caused a storm when it launched last year."

I am probably a bit thick, but I take the second slogan to mean that three million out of four million Kiwis are bad. I am one of those. We need to hear the gospel and be transformed by responding in faith and repentance to Jesus Christ. Fancy atheists telling us this!

The third slogan involves some interesting logic. An analogy which springs to mind is driving safely without a seatbelt. We are safe without a seatbelt most car journeys we go on. Sadly some of us go one journey too many.

I will not sleep tonight trying to puzzle when the beginning was when 'man created God' ... any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I really find the "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" one really quite strange.

Atheists usually trumpet on about science and hard facts -- well if they had looked at the science and hard facts about enjoying life, they would have found that one of the most strongly attested facts is that those who go to church regularly are actually on average happier. They also live longer lives.

I haven't seen research about length of life in New Zealand, but certainly the latest International Social Survey Programme on religion - in 2008 - confirmed yet again that church going New Zealanders are happier with their lives than non-church going New Zealanders, and the more frequently they went to church, the happier they were.


liturgy said...

Thanks for the heads-up about this, Peter. I've blogged about this earlier - but these certainly bear further response :-)
I'm fascinated by "man" in the first slogan - that gender-exclusive language by atheists is embarrassingly SO last millennium!
As to the third slogan, I hardly know where to begin it is so clearly ridiculous! But it's the capital "G" for the second "God" in that slogan that I particularly find leaping out at me.



Anonymous said...

I have just downloaded the actual statistics from that survey from the website. (You have to register but it is free).

This is the proportion who say they are very happy:

At least once a month 46%
1-3 times a month 36%
1-11 times a year 36%
Less than once a year 29%
Never 35%



Peter Carrell said...

Thanks for comments, Bosco and Margaret.

We shall see what the campaign achieves ...