Thursday, July 8, 2010

Missing Bishop Appears Down Under

At least one bishop of the C of E will not be present for the great debate looming over multiple amendments, as well as the substantial proposed legislation on women bishops. (Probably best to head to various posts on Thinking Anglicans for briefing on the intricacies of it all).

Instead Bishop Graham Cray, Team Leader of Fresh Expressions and Archbishops' Missioner, is here in Christchurch speaking at two conferences we have arranged. The first, a two day event at Lincoln University, is on Fresh Expressions of Anglican Mission, the second, a one day event at St Christopher's Avonhead, is on Fresh Expressions. Amazingly, and a sign of great interest in 'fresh expressions' of church, we have quite a few people from other denominations coming to the first event as well as to the second ... about 150 to the first and 180 to the second.

Understandably, blogging will be a little light for the next few days :)


Bryden Black said...

Graham Cray might be missing from England's GS, but his meetings in Chch were NOT to be missed. Simply beautiful! True; his message and his experience will almost certainly be very hard to swallow in some quarters. Yet I have to agree with +VM's verdict: the best stuff we've heard in 30 years of ministry!

Peter Carrell said...