Monday, July 11, 2011

All Is Doom and Gloom - Start Mourning Now

I am thinking seriously about important discussions here and working up a post on patriarchal order. But I am also working on the sad reality of the jolts and shakes of this particular year. The mighty Crusaders [Christchurch rugby team] were not so mighty on Saturday night, losing 13-18 to the rampaging Reds [of Brisbane]. The sublime, svelte Silver Ferns [NZ netball team] were not sublime, giving up a 26-20 lead to lose 57-58 in the World Championship final to the audacious and agile Australian Diamonds. So what does that tell us about the World Rugby Cup final in late October, 2011?

Start mourning now :(


Andrew Reid said...

Some of us are rejoicing Peter!! And looking forward to even more rejoicing at the World Cup. Although if it was the Melbourne Rebels that beat the Crusaders in the Super Rugby final, our rejoicing would be made complete! Just by the way, how do the Crusaders get away with that name these days? Don't the Muslim groups kick up a stink? Even Christian groups might be a bit unhappy about it. I went to a Crusaders match in Melbourne once, and they have the guys on horseback with the Crusader uniforms, so it's not like they play it down.

Peter Carrell said...

Well, Andrew, some of the original crusaders were good guys and some weren't. Our Crusaders take after the good guys.

Constrain your joy with the sorrow of knowing your family in Christ across the Tasman are in sackcloth and ashes :)