Sunday, July 24, 2011

Light posting, light snow and light costs

Light blogging coming up, comments posted when I can. Snow is in the air which may or may not affect a trip today. Many things are in my diary over the next few weeks so posting will be if, when, and maybe. Meantime the world is going to pieces slowly - Europe is either coming unstuck or becoming sucked into German monetary control - the USA is either one large Las Vegas casino gambling recklessly before a looming deadline or a film set in Hollywood where no one knows whether a comedy or a tragedy is being produced. Here is a Down Under sign of how crazy the economics of the present time are: our dollar is slowly creeping up to parity with the US dollar.

Still, that has to be good for buying theological books from Amazon!


Father Ron Smith said...

In the meantime, here in the U.K., the sun is brightly shining. Mass this morning at St.Mary's Stoke Newington, with a congregation of locals including people from the Caribbean - a lovely, lively service with hearty singing and impeccable liturgy. The Light of Christ still shine here-abaouts.

Anonymous said...

The death of John Stott has just been announced.