Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What are the limits to our imagination?

In Christchurch we have some vacant plots of ecclesial land eager for new churches to be built or placed on them. At least one such plot already has a plan approved to receive a wooden chapel from another site. This chapel will need to be cut up into smaller pieces for transportation purposes and then reassembled.

In Nelson there is a large wooden church for sale. Do I need to join up the dots for you?

In fact, to my eyes, the photo in the article suggests a building of cathedral like proportions :)

The price, as the old song says, is all right.

If you are transporting it down to Christchurch, please remember the tunnels on the coastal route and take the inland road through the mountains instead.


Father Ron Smith said...

It's not Nelson Anglican Cathedral by any chance, is it Peter?

Peter Carrell said...

No, Ron. Nelson Cathedral is made of marble blocks and concrete.

The church for sale is a Methodist church. But quite a large one. I think my one and only visit to it was to hear John Spong speak.

Anonymous said...

No doubt there are other precedents but here are some pictures of the Kelburn Presbyterian Church ... which now sits very happily some 60 kilometres north of where it used to be and is Waikanae Presbyterian Church instead.

See it before and during the move

See it as it now is using street view here:

Sold for $1 and the knowledge it went to a very good home!!!


Father Ron Smith said...

So, by virtue of that particular preachment, this church not likely to be used by some Christchurch people. They might want to have it 'cleansed'. I can imagine the Nelson congregation might offer it at a very low price.

Pageantmaster said...

It seems to be propped up all round with what looks like some rather recent and substantial wood buttressing. But it looks large, and rather pretty. You might find an iron frame under all that wood [there is certainly a typical iron roof and fittings], and I suppose it depends on what the surveyed state of that is. If in good condition the frame was probably designed in kit form to assemble and disassemble.

That if the community would let it be moved. They seem rather attached to it.

Anonymous said...

"The church for sale is a Methodist church. But quite a large one. I think my one and only visit to it was to hear (John) JONAH Spong speak."

FIFY. Explains why it was closed, I guess.
Not big enough for a temporary cathedral?