Saturday, June 16, 2012

If the mother church can do it, couldn't we follow suit?

Thinking Anglicans alerts us to the first batch of C of E General Synod July papers appearing online. You will struggle to find the papers of our General Synod (which also meets in July) online. For example, not yet here on our official GS webpage.

Can we do it? Yes, we can. Take a scanner (most printers these days do this), a Scribd account, and, hey presto, it is possible. There is probably another route relying on professional web developers $blah$ $blah$.

If only I could find someone who has scanned some of the GS papers and has a Scribd account.


liturgy said...

Greetings Peter

I get a feeling of déjà vu!

I get a feeling of déjà vu!

I get a feeling of déjà vu!

Olde Mummy CofE isn't the only one that manages this level of (2nd millennium) technology that young child (eg TEC) would just take for granted in the third millennium...

No scanning is actually required. The papers are (presumably) printed off PDFs. Just link to the PDFs on our provincial site (in the same way as all the other PDFs on the site). On my website, such an action takes less than 30 seconds. Done.

We asked this question last meeting of GSTHW
I asked the question again this time also.

I get a feeling of déjà vu!



Father Ron Smith said...

Perhaps the most important material available from the 'Thinking Anglicans' website - on the agenda for the General Synod July Meeting - is that pertaining to the 'Question and Answer' paper being made available to journalists by the Church of England, before the Meetings of Synod.

This material purports to put minds at rest of those people who believe that the amendments made by the C.of E. House of Bishops to the original Draft Measure (approved by the lest G.S. and ratified by the more recent meetings of 42 Diocesan Synods) will put any Woman Diocesan Bishop at a distinct disadvantage, in that she would have to surrender her episcopal ministry to a male Provisional Episcopal Visitor (PEV) - without any choice as to the identity of that bishop - under the guise of enforced 'delegation'.

The details can be found on my site kiwianglo.

Andrew Reid said...

The Australian General Synod papers go online, but are hidden behind a member login to stop us non-members accessing them. Melbourne Diocese synod papers are mailed only to synod members Don't know why - visitors and media are allowed to attend Synod, so it's not like there's a confidentiality issue. The General Synod publishes passed motions and bills online soon after the synod.