Saturday, February 22, 2014

Actionable Anglicans

Anglicans can action things; sometimes Anglicans take action against one another. While I contemplate some lessons in Anglican history to apply to current difficulties, here is a Saturday round up of a few things ...

Novel, creative, inspiring ecumenical action at Lambeth Palace.

Taking action against false teachers begins with refuting the notion that love means inaction about heresy.

Global South is not taking current Anglican matters lying down. A call to action is being made here. Let's face it, there are three initiative takers in the Anglican Communion these days: GAFCON, Global South, the officialdom of the Anglican Communion. Like spicy takeaways, Communion life comes in three intensities these days: hot, medium, mild! Just as the days of three Popes eventually worked its way through to one papacy again, so, eventually, we will have one recognised initiative taker. But which one?

A new bishop for Waikato will be ordained today in Hamilton, Helen-Ann Hartley. She will be the third woman bishop in our church, and this will be the first time that we have had two women bishops on our bench of bishops.

(ADDED: talking of bishops, it is great that Pope Francis recognises at least one Anglican bishop as a 'brother bishop'! Damian Thompson wonders if he is hearing a rule book being torn up. We might wonder about the other rule book, viz. the Anglican one which is a little unlikely to recognise a bishop belonging to this crowd. This church, I simply have to say, can't be really Anglican because they break the most fundamental Anglican rule of recognition of them all: I have never heard of them before!)

Finally, good news out of England (despite the other headlined woes of the C of E): lots of new vicars aged under 30!


Anonymous said...

'Wing tips and clerical collars'???!!!

Well, maybe young C of E trainee clergy are more traditional than here in Canada - but somehow I doubt it!

Tim C.

Father Ron Smith said...

"Taking action against false teachers begins with refuting the notion that love means inaction about heresy." Dr. Peter Carrell -

Oh, I wouldn't call Bishop Iker a 'false teacher', Peter; even though the Dean of Nashotah House has caused him to resign from the board of that renowned Anglo-Catholic institution in TEC.

Bishop Iker may have some funny ideas about the Presiding Bishop, and he may think of her as a 'false teacher', but your provocative note here could be taken the wrong ways by your ACNA friends.

MichaelA said...

Errr, where did you dream up the idea that +Salmon "caused +Iker to resign"? I will bet pounds to peanuts that Ed Salmon did not want it to happen.

And you don't have to worry - since Peter referred to "taking action against false teachers" he clearly cannot be referring to +Iker as being a false teacher, unless the rules of English grammar have fundamentally changed in the last week!

Father Ron Smith said...

Don't get yer knickers in a twist, MichaelA. This may have gone right above your head. It's called satire. Something our esteemed Host is not above resorting to in his blog.

Anonymous said...

And do remind us please, Peter, how many of these women bishops in the New Zealand Church were born in New Zealand?


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Jane
I do not have their birth certificates in front of me, but I will confidently say that none of our three women bishops were born in NZ. Your point is?

MichaelA said...

Fr Ron: A hit! A very palpable hit

MichaelA: A touch, a touch. I do confess.

("Carell, Prince of Denmark" Act 5, scene 2)

Zane Elliott said...

re: 'This crowd' they have a website -

A very interesting blend of charismatic/anglo-catholic Christians

Father Ron Smith said...

Dear Peter. Heartiest congratulations on your preferment to the role of Archdeacon. How will you cope with the traditional cope, I wonder? Best Wishes, Ron.

Peter Carrell said...

Thank you Ron - much appreciated!
PS What cope? :)