Saturday, February 1, 2014

Do not read this while drinking your coffee

I cannot be responsible for the result of reading this excellent post, reproduced at Liturgy from the Orthodoxy and Heresy site.

Whether your laughter causes you to splutter coffee over your keyboard, or the coffee you are drinking suddenly induces a feeling of guilt because you are drinking heresy, you are responsible for choosing to click on the link and then for choosing to read.

However, if you do not click and read, you will miss one of the most important doctrinal lessons of your life, taught in memorable form!


Anonymous said...

Nothing hear about the Latte Day Saints.

Martin the Mocha

Father Ron Smith said...

"Martin the Mocker"? Not again!

Anonymous said...

Ah, dear Father Ron Smith,

I like to give a mourning joke with your morning joe!

Perhaps you'll say I should be punished for every pun I shed from my punnish head, sitting in my puny shed.

Or maybe I should quote an Upanishad?

Fra Martino il Capuccino

Anonymous said...

But if it has a reputation for great taste but turns out to be weak and lukewarm then it has to be ......

CofE Coffee!

Boom! Boom!

Martin Brush

Father Ron Smith said...

Are you Basil's Brother, Martin? There's just the slightest hint of Bushy and Bagot here. (Willy Waggle-Dagger)