Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The perils and joys of blogging

Time and sapped energy mitigate against resuming my series begun on Monday re the search for a coherent theology so today a couple of links to point readers to.

On the perils of blogging, Cranmer has a very interesting post about the silencing of a Roman deacon blogging in England.

On the joys of blogging, continue to read Available Light by Bishop Kelvin Wright as he charts progress through his diocese on a pilgrimage to celebrate 200 hundred years of the gospel in NZ. Here he is heading to Dipton and the largest icecreams in our fair land.

Meanwhile I am also following the story about flight MH370. Theologians are pretty good at thinking about mysteries. Then there is flight MH370. What happened?

Perhaps too we could contemplate a mystery of Anglicanism, this time through the not overly sympathetic views of David Virtue, ho does a priest straddle the borderlands between TEC and ACNA with support from the ABC?

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Father Ron Smith said...

Though not a fan of David Virtue's anti-gay posts generally, he does, very occasionally, publish something of use to other people. And this may be one of those rare occasions. See here:

"From there, Baucum wound up in the Diocese of Virginia following in the footsteps of the Rev. Martin Minns at Truro Episcopal Church, a high profile evangelical parish in the northern part of the liberal Virginia diocese now under Bishop Shannon Johnston."
- V.o.L. -

This is perhaps the most telling bit of the whole posting here. The fact that Mr. Baucum was appointed successor to a certain Mr. Minns - who is now Bishop in Charge of undermining the Church of England with CANA's transplanted A.M.i.E. in the U.K. - should have given pause to those responsible in the C.of E. for Bausum's appointment to Westminster Abbey.

I hope the Church of England is going to keep a close watch on Mr. Baucum - especially in any overt connection with A.M.i.E. It's a bit like inviting the wolf into the fold as far as I'm concerned.

Will the C.of E. never learn?