Saturday, March 15, 2014

Would Jesus have had an iPad in the wilderness?

I am very grateful to a colleague, the Reverend Susan Baldwin, Vicar of Malvern (a rural parish centred about 30 mins out of Christchurch) for taking time to write up a story about the use of an iPad to Skype study sessions using a certain Lenten study booklet.

FURTHER THOUGHTS Michael Bird notes a controversy I nearly posted on a few weeks back. Mark Driscoll, in certain Christian quarters, is wildly popular, with people hanging on his every word. He leads a 'mega church', writes books and now a question arises about probity re writing/publishing/sales claims. Bird makes some excellent points. All Christians who write should reflect on these things. As I am sure the Apostle Paul did when he wrote his genuine letters ... all of them!

AND now a letter of contrite apology and mea culpa from Mark Driscoll. Well done, Mark! If Christianity means anything it means that mistakes are not the end of ministry in Christ the Redeemer's Name.


Father Ron Smith said...

I'm always worried about 'mega churches'. Cult following of a charismatic preacher can be a dangerous lure. I guess time alone will prove whether, or not, the Gospel is really at the heart of such a crowd-pulling ethos.

So far, the evidence is that 'mega-churches' do not last, They run out of steam - sometimes because of the revelation of the revealed 'clay feet' of pastors.

When Christ is not at the centre of a church, it may not prosper.

MichaelA said...

Thanks Peter. I agree it was an interesting mea culpa from Fr Driscoll, and (if I knew him) would increase my respect for him, not lessen it.