Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is this a first for New Zealand Anglicans?

I can't recall a Kiwi episcopal election where the names of the candidates and their profiles have been published. (I think we did have an election where the names were published ... help me readers ...).

So it is good to see a new if not newish direction in the forthcoming Waiapu election with this list of candidates and then the possibility of clicking on their names to look at their profiles.

In the nature of our smallness as a church I know all of the five candidates even though I live a long way from Waiapu (roughly, for overseas readers, the north-eastern corner of the North Island lying to the east of the northern-and-western leaning prong which is the Auckland diocese).

Note: I am going to feel my way as a moderator re any discussion which might take place here. My inclination is to accept discussion of any material published in their profiles but to reject any comments which are about their perceived viability as candidates. You can email friends in the electoral college with those kinds of comments!


Father Ron Smith said...

Thank you for this, Peter. It seems there could be some sort of mistake re the pedigree of one of the more pastorally experienced candidates.

This is seen in the following exceprt - re Howard Pilgrim:

"2009 – 2003
Vicar, Parish of Holy Trinity, Gisborne"

One hopes this is not an indication of 'backward thinking'.

Peter Carrell said...

Well spotted, Ron.

Still, one mustn't rule out what God can do, including time travel for vicars :)

Edward Prebble said...

Hi Peter
this is not quite the first time a list of names has been published ( the two reasonably recent elections in Auckland, both the diocesan and assistant bishop elections, had the names published, but this is the first time i have seen profiled made available. Well done Waiapu.

I greatly respect the restrictions you seek to impose on comments, and I will endeavour to comply. some interesting comments can be made about ages. The five nominees are 41, 57, 59, 62, and 70. what is the right age for a bishop? If the synod decides to elect Howard Pilgrim, he would not be the oldest person so elected - that was Herbert Williams, and his father was in his late 60's.

The average tenure for Bishops of Waiapu is easily the shortest of the NZ dioceses, at 10 years. One of these fine people will become the 16th bishop. This is partly because of that diocese's willingness to call somewhat older folk.

If that matter were the only reason for choosing Andrew Hedge, then his supporters may be disappointed. Five of the bishops of Waiapu (Averill, Gerard, Reeves, Atkins, and Rice) were chosen in their 40s or younger in an apparent search for vigorous leadership, only to leave for other appointments after less than ten years.

Like you, I know all the nominees, and the diocese would be well served by any of them.

Here endeth the trivia lesson.