Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No rush

GS/HW moves along at a deliberative pace. As planned, no decision was forthcoming from yesterday's presentation and discussions. Indeed most of what was said was 'in committee', so this Taonga report keeps us in the loop but sheds no light on where the process is heading.

+Kelvin's blogpost is in similar vein but yields the nugget of an all night prayer vigil. Excellent.


Bryden Black said...

Thanks Peter; it is good to hear there has been such a vigil!

The interesting and important thing about the Beatitudes - and indeed the entire Sermon on the Mount, with each section paralleling and unpacking a petition of the Lord’s Prayer - is that they display the Name of the Covenant God. Upholding that Name’s character as Holy thereafter means visibly displaying the Rule of God embodied in his righteous Will (ch.5 as a whole).

One hopes therefore for this Name-Rule-Will, as displayed, to be coherent and not a self-contradiction or human synthesis of opposites ... That is my personal prayer.

Edward Prebble said...

Yes, that prayer vigil was a good idea, and I expect it was well attended.
It is also encouraging to hear that the two motions seeking to amend the constitution are being withdrawn by the Tikanga Maori people, presumably as an outcome of their pre-synod gathering. Their alternative suggestion of a pre-synod gathering between Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pakeha sounds like a good one, if it allows free and frank discussion of matters affecting New Zealand alone.