Wednesday, November 4, 2015

dIStinguIShed Anglican!

Is there another Anglican in the world today quite like Canon Andrew White? That is, quite like him for honest opinion fearlessly expressed, willingness to urge military action as only resort left to deal with the evil of ISIS, and, of course, personal courage? We might also add, Has any other Anglican ever invited the leaders of ISIS to dinner?

Two articles tell us about this extraordinary Anglican.

Cole Moreton writes up an interview in the Independent.

Ruth Gledhill reports in Christian Today.

We can all read Andrew White's forthcoming autobiography, My Journey So Far.

His story is entwined with the tragic depletion of the Christian community in Iraq and Syria.

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Bryden Black said...

I first came across AW in his book The Vicar of Baghdad, an enthralling read. It chronicles his ministry throughout the Middle East, and shows how to pursue a ministry of reconciliation where a number of otherwise opposing parties still can have something in common - the reconciler himself. Sound familiar?!