Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scars across humanity

One of the drivers for me in vigilance about Daesh and its thuggish affiliates such as Boko Haram - vigilance that is against any acceptance or sympathy for their beliefs - is concern for the treatment of women. That women are badly treated by these thugs is now well documented. Even if no more terrorist actions against the West occurred, we should continue to oppose them because of the terror they hold for women in their own territory.

Elaine Storkey, a British Anglican theologian, has been documenting violence against women around the globe. I am pleased to note here that her latest book Scars Across Humanity is about to be launched.

"A new book by the Anglican theologian Dr Elaine Storkey, Scars Across Humanity, documents her extensive research on gender-based violence against women and the role that the church plays – for good or ill – in the struggle against the global problem. It is being launched today in the Speaker’s rooms at the House of Commons in London."

A fuller ACNS article is here.


Anonymous said...

There is a reason why women, and especially girls are being targeted.

Islam allows a man up to 4 wives if he can afford them;
Biology allows him 1 (ie girl babies and boy babies about match)

For a long time the difference was made up by having a lot of muslim men unable to afford more than one, and a flow of women from the muslim parts of Asia as "domestic servants" to the Middle East.

The latter has dried up; the former is less and less the case - particularly in Africa where economic growth has been fast.

So they take Christian girls and women by force.

Peter Carrell said...

All understood, Anonymous ... but I would like you to supply a name please!

Bryden Black said...

Thank you Peter for brining this book to our attention.

In its light, I'd also mention our NZ organization which does sterling ministry in our region:

Father Ron Smith said...

With all this focus on the ill treatment of women by ISIS terrorists, it also needs to be remembered that people in the West - Yes, even some who claim to be 'Christian' - can also be guilty of offences against women. Second class citizenship is perhaps a sin most prevalent.