Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NZ is served by some very fine, public servants

If you read this interview you will meet a great Kiwi via the medium of text. The genial, good-natured person in the text is the man I have known in person. Andrew Becroft is starting soon as our next Children's Commissioner, a role in which we have been well served these past few years by Russell Wills. As the interview brings out, Andrew will bring to this important office a wealth of experience as our Principal Youth Court Judge.

We are very fortunate in Kiwiland to be served by wonderful public servants.

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Peter Carrell said...

Hi Brendan
I am lightly redacting your comment, below, so that we focus on the ball not the player!

COMMENT from Brendan:


It is indeed wonderful that Andrew Becroft is assuming the role of Children’s Commissioner. He is a man well equipped to the task.

My personal view however is that Russell Wills [time as Commissioner has been] a well-intentioned disaster. I recall his task force report into the alleviation of child poverty. It contained from memory more than 70 recommendations, all but one called for some form of Government intervention.

Yet as most of us are aware, it is parents who have children and are primarily responsible for their wellbeing, not Governments.