Sunday, June 12, 2016

Peter Lineham prophesying (!!) in Christchurch 2 July 2016

Following up my post from last Friday, later that morning I received the following advertisement for Professor Peter Lineham speaking in Christchurch, 2 July 2016. Although his advertised topic is different to the Wellington lecture mentioned in the previous post, I imagine he will touch on the question of "survival by sectarianism" (that's my phrase). Here is the advertisement:

Will Christianity survive in Christchurch beyond 2020?:
a diagnosis and a realistic prognosis

Presenter: Prof Peter Lineham

2nd July 2016

Peter Lineham

One of New Zealand’s leading scholars, Peter’s specialist subject is New Zealand's Religious History and current religious patterns. Peter is frequently used by the media to speak on Christianity and Religion today.   He is also an active leader in his local church.

Morning Programme

  9.30   Coffee
10.00   Presentation Prof Peter Lineham
10.45   Short break
11.00   Panel responses
11.30   Questions and exploration of the topic
12.00   Finish


-        Rev Stephanie Robson, Associate Dean of the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral
-        Matthew Gardner, secretary of the Canterbury Interfaith Society and is an active member of the Roman Catholic Church.
-        Rev Melema’u Molitika Parish Presbyter, Beckenham-Sydenham Methodist Parish


St Marks Methodist Church corner of Barrington and Somerfield Streets. Parking is available off Barrington Street

Registration Contact: Andrew Donaldson or phone 980 5002.


Rosemary said...

Sorry I will be away for this - I would have enjoyed sitting next to you Peter C and sharing our reactions. :)

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Peter Carrell said...

Hi Rosemary and Rosemary
Yes, I have at least two readers with the same first name.
Each is more than capable of holding me to account re what I write and say, and each is interested in the future of the church.
Blessings to you both,