Friday, January 20, 2017

Changes for Tikanga Maori

Tomorrow I am going to the consecration of Richard Wallace (formerly based in Hokitika) as the new Bishop of Te Wai Pounamu. The consecration will take place at the Onuku Marae (in Akaroa Harbour) and the installation will be on Sunday at Te Hepara Pai (Ferry Road, Christchurch).

There will be a poignancy to the events of the weekend because Tikanga Maori will be without the presence and guidance of its Archbishop, Turei Brown, who died recently and whose funeral was just a week ago.

The retirement of Archbishop Brown as Archbishop had already been signalled so the fact of an imminent election for that role will not be a change per se for Tikanga Maori. In respect of his role as Bishop of Tairawhiti (around Gisborne, Napier, East Cape areas) a new bishop has already been elected, Don Tamihere. (No date has yet been set for his consecration). As Bishop Don, he will represent a new, younger generation of Tikanga Maori leaders. That will be a significant change!


Jean said...

What an amazing example of a life lived for God he leaves behind. May his family find consolation at this time.

Judith Harper said...

Peter, is that the Richard Wallace who was in Nelson at one point?

Peter Carrell said...


Peter Carrell said...