Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not only Trump making policy on the run

Have been doing a bit of thinking re blogging this year - the Year of You Know Who, You Know What and Only Bill English Knows When.

My modest aim is to post around three times a week in three categories:

The Year of You Know Who: posting on general matters of interest if not controversy, trying earnestly not - unlike most columnists I am reading this weekend - to make it about DT. And, obviously, trying to make it "Anglican" in outlook. Likely these will be mid-week posts.

You Know What: try as I might I do not think I can avoid the You Know What subject of same-sex relationships, same-sex marriage and the related matter of whether the Anglican Churches of X, Y or Z or the Communion as a whole can survive either changing or not changing the mind of Christ in the church on the matter. Likely these will be Sunday or Monday postings.

Only Bill English Knows When: this refers to the date of the NZ General Election this year. Three years ago I had a "Politics of Jesus" series during the run up to the GE. I think I will do that again. I love following politics but I still think Jesus is the Greatest Politician of them all. If only we took his manifesto seriously.

Of course Stuff May Happen and posts may be fired out more prolifically than three times a week. Or less - some weeks I am busier than others :)

Finally, a note about comments: if I reply to a series of comments I am likely not very busy. If I do not reply then likely I am busy. Possibly on the run, posting your comment via my phone and avoiding the temptation to write a comment on the same device. The latter is a recipe for muddled thinking. All comments are appreciated.

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A midweek reflection for the wise--

Bowman Walton