Thursday, June 1, 2017

Saving an iconic church

No, this time I am not talking about Christchurch Cathedral. Travellers through NZ may have noticed (frequent travellers on SH1 between Blenheim and Kaikoura will have noticed) St. Oswalds, Wharanui.

A small, picturesque stone church - a memorial to a member of the Murray family who have farmed in the district for generations - on the side of the highway, offering, I have often felt when driving by, a witness to Christ to travellers.

But it was badly damaged in the November 2016 earthquakes. My friends Leicester and Laura Murray are spearheading a Murray family campaign to raise funds for its restoration.

A couple of news items are here and here.

Facebook page is here.

And, Givealittle page is here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter; the material question is who attends? I cannot help thinking that the Nelson Diocesan Trust Board has made an appropriate decision. Smart churches have learned to code, not fund buildings. Nelson is obviously on the right track.


Whit Johnstone said...

If the family can raise the $ to restore their family chapel I see no harm in letting them do so. I'm not in favor of any dioscean funds being used.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Nick and Whit
I assume the Nelson Diocesan Trust Board is assuming it is not good stewardship of their funds to restore such a building when, yes, the likelihood of plentiful, regular worshippers is remote (for it is in a remote area with few people living nearby).
But I also applaud the family initiative to restore the church, if possible, because it is not only a family memorial, it is also a witness to Jesus Christ.