Friday, June 30, 2017

What does it mean to be Anglican? A Translated Kiwi View

Being Anglican means ... at least what Sophia says here.

Some readers here will know Sophia from her time here in NZ, and her life in Christchurch in particular, and in one of our notable local parishes.

But she is now lost to the West Island!

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BrianR said...

Well, not many 'men in dresses' in Sydney Anglican churches, I would guess - and the abandonment of vestments in Evangelical Anglican churches is widespread in NZ and the UK. On the other hand, the Archbishop of Sydney and other Australian Anglican bishops are preparing to take part in the consecration of Andy Lines for Scottish Episcopalians who feel shut out of their church's rejection of biblical teaching on marriage - as well as Lambeth declarations.
Anglicanism never was about haberdashery. I can't see Justin Welby managing to talk his way out of this one.